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People have almost forgotten to treasure their lives, not creating those mesmerizing moments that could bring a sense of rejoicing and jubilation. The busy, hectic, and overburdening lifestyles have taken a toll on human lives. Their physical, mental, sociological, and psychological growth and development have been sidetracked. Anxiety, depression, dejection, and deterioration have started to creep in at an unexpectedly higher rate. The reason behind such degraded and vulnerable lifestyle standards have been a sudden yet a voluntary detachment from the existence of art, craft and culture. People though cognitive, have forgotten to mingle with the beauty of art and craft. The reminiscence of the art forms have nearly relinquished their eminence that was the only admiration few decades back.

With the world taking every single step towards negativity, craft again comes to the rescue emboldening the spirits to start fresh and heal from within. Yes, it has always been true that the healing power of the art you have loved has kept you going! It is high time that the growth and evolution of both the artist and the art erupt again and let the artist come to the centerstage exhibiting the patience, perseverance, and passion for learning about one's desires to accomplish their artistic goals and ambitions associated with their craft. It is the action of perfecting one's craft that has now taken a holistic approach to heal the world through practicing one's passion and acknowledging how craft has been a very formidable choice to make people experience smiles. Smiles that are inspired by therapeutic healing  through crystals and resin art predominantly. 

Surfboard Art: The best pieces for a divine connection to your inner self

The therapeutic healing culminating in this appealing geode resin and crystal art once again lets you discover your love for art and decor! It's Kerenfineart again to let you live what you love. Just recall how your love for epoxy and geode resin art was best discovered through Kerenfineart, a one-stop-shop for spiritually healing through intricate craftwork that defines the power of a therapeutic treatment through drawings, watercolor works, oil paintings, and photographs, creating a beautiful scenic expression of love and compassion. We here at Kerenfineart have gone ahead to create classic masterpieces in hues of blue and green that not just urge you to dive in the blue but also resonate with the very serene, calm, and scintillating green! Yes, we have got what you always desired! Now again, coming straight from the core of the art and the artist are the scintillating surfboard art ideas best chosen for decor, and gifting purposes, for a memorable 2022. Let's seep in and fall in love with the art!

1)Bondi beach surfboard Art

Bondi beach surfboard art

Bondi beach surfboard Art was created with epoxy resin and beautiful turquoise colors, inspired by Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Draped in the hues of the oceanic vibe, these epoxy surfboards let you bid on versatile surfboard art for custom-themed surfboard decor. This very EPOXY Finish wall hanging surfboard decor galvanizes the feel to heal!

2)Pure surfboard art

Pure surfboard art

Pure surfboard art was created with light blue colors connected with a rose quartz mountain in the middle of the sand island lagoon, created with soft waves splashing the lagoon. How resplendent has been the serene display of the art form with a light blue hue ready to enrapture the visitors when placed as a striking decor piece to address your interiors! Time to fantasize about the charm of this very form of admiration! 

3)White sand beach surfboard art

White sand beach surfboard art

The tropical paradise, as the white sand is termed, is tranquil with calm, clear waters ideal for swimming, and the soft sand perfect for a day of pampering yourself. When hung in your interiors very beautifully, the epoxy surfboard is quite ambitiously thought of and created with the inspiration of Kaunaoa Bay in Hawaii, USA, with its beautiful white sand and clear water

4)Healing beach

healing beach surfboard

The piousness and  peace of the beaches disclose the utmost beauty nature capsules us in. The soothe takes full control of the consciousness within with the aura portraying a bliss of solitude. The admiration to explore these very suburbians at length has been a blessing in disguise. A Clarion Call to enchant and at the same time enthrall one and all through a scenic charm. It's till infinity that these agents of nature let you dive in and glide past a sumptuous feel that keeps your soul alive! 


5) A very unique item to hang on the wall 

Custom-made themed surfboard decor displays the most appealing segment in the form of the very aeshtetic surfboard wall art hung straight or sidewways. The epoxy resin surfboard wall hanging are inspiringly amazing and strikingly versatile to speak of the beauty of the room where they are hung. The surfboard decor with the Hawaiian Beach Surfing feel when hung reclaim the very aura of the oceans resonating with the depth of the blue and glorifying the beauty of the green at the same time. 



Talking about how difficult it is to create epoxy resin art into the surfboard, epoxy resin in undoubtedly a versatile product. Once cured, becomes as hard as a rock, but is quite flexible before it reaches extreme hardness levels. Although art resin is quite flexible and can be shaped to create free standing resin bowls, dishes, vases and various other artforms, the ability to shape easily might turn into a challenge more often. The attribute might hinder the process of turning epoxy resin art on the surfboard. Its quite certain that the process takes a longer time to execute.

Restorative artforms: Bringing nature into your home

Emerging to the fore have been the very hypnotic, expressive, and subtle art forms in the very pursuit of healing the world through shaping, minerals, or gemstones into decorative items such as cabochons, and engraved gems (including cameos), and faceted designs. Another emerging trend that has transpired deep within the newer generations is Resin Art. The art form involves a liquid chemical called epoxy resin combined with various color pigments and additives to produce a blend of unique patterns and textures. Though, there have been many, these two have helped people cope with a ray of hope that clings onto every piece the two art forms have at their disposal. The article here is a great example of how epoxy resin has captured the hearts of many. Its time you join the bandwagon to bring home the surfboard art and heal from within!