5 Best Gemstone & Crystal Ideas For Geode Resin Art

Resin geode art is a craft created by combining crushed glasses and crystals with a tinted resin to make the appearance of natural rock formations. These handcrafted rock formations give you the opportunity to combine colors, textures, and patterns alongside crystals and glasses in an attractive manner and create out-of-the-box designs. You can make resin geodes in different color palettes you like using pigments and mica powder and add decorative elements to it with the help of glitter and metallic paint for a luxurious and realistic finish.

To make great Geode resin artwork, you can use a variety of gemstones alongside crystal artwork to give the design a much more natural appeal. Here are a few gemstones and crystals that work well for this purpose.

Go for real gemstones if you can

There are numerous gemstones available that can be used in geode resin art. Rose quartz, amethyst, and other semi-transparent stones are among the most popular ones used for the purpose. However, when it comes to art, no rules need to be followed. So, you always have the liberty to look around for different and colorful gemstones like jade, amber, or turquoise. These vibrant-colored gemstones can be used both as they are or even crushed into small pieces and powder, which, when used in your design, will surely enhance the look of your geode painting and make a fine piece of decor for your home. 

Geode Painting

2. Large natural crystals 

Large and bulky crystals work well for Geode resin art as this helps provide the piece with an element of reflection and improves the natural look of the design with its reflective property. These sparkly crystals look amazing; that is the reason why many epoxy resin geode artists are sourcing long clear quartz crystals to incorporate into their Geode resin artwork. Real crystals can be difficult to come by, but you can always search for them online since you can find these in large quantities and various sizes online. These unsorted and natural crystals might also have a slight hue and work at power with the real crystals.

3. Glasses

In case you are unable to find crystals, you need not worry since using glasses can also provide your Geode surfboard art with similar shiny reflective quality. All you need is old glass, protective sunglasses, and gloves to break the glass into small pieces for your artwork. After breaking the glass into small pieces, you can organize them into your design accordingly. 

You can also use colored glasses from old drinking glasses and bottles to help provide the Geode resin artwork with colorful elements. 

Glass Painting
4. Sea glass marbles

The term "sea glass" refers to small pieces of glass found on the beaches along bays, oceans, and seas, but they can also be found on the banks of large rivers. Sea glass is smooth, frosted, and beautiful glass marbles found on the banks of the oceans and are made of man-made glass that gets polished and refined by ocean waves and currents, as well as a few other natural phenomena. These are weathered physically and chemically over time due to the constant tumbling action of waves and give your artwork a natural and soothing look. These are the perfect choice for Geode resin artwork, especially when depicting ocean or aquatic life in your piece. 

5. Glass globs

These are popularly known as Flat marbles and are the most perfect for providing your artwork with an embossed gemstone texture. You must have seen them at the bottoms of fish tanks and in flower vases. They come in various colors and can be smashed into tiny pieces, kept whole, or partially whole, depending on the look you want for your custom artwork. These marbles are something that every resin artist should have hands-on.

Glass Globs

With so many aesthetic elements to choose from, making a Geode resin art for any artist might be tricky. But once you start getting the hang of it, you will also create exceptional artwork using these crystals and gemstones.